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A game accessible to all!

Available in several packs, the Schmolle will make you spend good moments surrounded by your loved ones.

  • Set of 3, set of 6, set of 9, set of 12, set of 24
  • Possibility to choose the color of the lot
  • Entertaining game

A product made in France

The Schmolle offers you a moment of sharing and distraction between friends, colleagues, family at any time. Play in the office, on the terrace, in your garden, at home… Schmolle is suitable for all types of floors. It’s your turn to play, discover it now!

The Schmolle - MG2

A French innovation

Designed by the MG2 company, the Schmolle is the second product manufactured by the company.

The Schmolle

" A soft petanque for all weather and all terrain "


The Schmolle and its characteristics

  • Light, flexible and easy to use, the Schmolle is a soft petanque ball that weighs 280 grams.
  • A set of 3 Schmolles = 750 grams
  • With its diameter of 70 mm, this one is easy to handle.
  • The Schmolle is made of soft plastic
  • A set includes: the number of balls you have chosen plus 1 jack and 1 bag

Discover the advantages of The Schmolle.

  • Game that can be played on all types of floors: indoors and outdoors (balcony, terrace, parquet, tiles…), in any season
  • Easy to use
  • Available for beginners and experts alike
  • Easy to carry with the Schmolle bag
  • The soft ball will not damage your interior
  • No risk of injury
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La Schmolle
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